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Arrests at private Vehicle Testing Station show zero tolerance approach to road safety / 20 March 2023

On Friday 19 March, following several months of investigation and evidence gathering, the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (the Hawks), supported by officials from the Department of Transport and Public Works’ Transport Administration and Licensing Directorate, arrested two Examiners of motor vehicles at a private Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) in the Garden Route District.

The arrests were made following suspicions of alleged fraudulent activities, including the issuing of Certificates of Roadworthiness (CRWs) for unroadworthy vehicles – with vehicles often not even appearing at the VTS before the issuing of a CRW.

Western Cape Minister of Mobility, Ricardo Mackenzie said, “My sincere thanks to the South African Police Service, the Hawks and our officials in the Department for their hard work and dedication in bringing these criminals to book.”

Mackenzie emphasised, “We have a responsibility to keep our roads safe for all road users. Unscrupulous and criminal officials or private sector testing station operators who make themselves guilty of fraud or corruption in this space must know that they endanger the lives of children, families and all road users when they allow unroadworthy vehicles and unqualified drivers onto our roads.”

He continued, “Failed or worn brakes on a bus, truck, minibus – or any vehicle for that matter – could lead to a catastrophic crash with multiple fatalities. Perpetrators must know that we show zero tolerance for these crimes and we trust that the National Prosecuting Authority will act swiftly to ensure successful prosecutions.”

Mackenzie concluded, “We know the immense trauma and grief caused by just one accident with multiple passengers killed, especially if it could have been avoided. Cutting corners with road safety checks is simply not worth it. We all have a responsibility to play our part in making sure our roads are safe for everyone.”


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