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Minister Mitchell congratulates newly-elected members of the Provincial Executive Committee of SANTACO Western Cape / 26 April 2022

On behalf of the Western Cape Government, I wish to extend congratulations to the newly-elected Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) of SANTACO Western Cape.


We commend the SANTACO Western Cape leadership for conducting a peaceful, inclusively representative, and fair election held on the 21st of April 2022. We are proud to witness a smooth transition of newly elected PEC members, creating a unified provincial body for SANTACO Western Cape.


We trust that the PEC will fulfil their role as the mouthpiece of the industry by acknowledging, welcoming and representing a diverse range of views, thereby upholding the values of inclusivity and unity within the industry.  Through this leadership body, the industry while facing many challenges, can find hope knowing their voice will be heard.


The Minibus Taxi industry is a critical pillar in the South African transport sector, transporting the majority of commuters. SANTACO Western Cape has been instrumental in shaping the Minibus Taxi industry in the province by providing decisive leadership and by being a mouthpiece for the industry. Despite recent challenges including the rebuilding of the industry after the COVID-19 lockdowns, the eruption of violence, and the tragic loss of innocent lives of members of the industry, we acknowledge the accomplishments of the industry.


Through tireless efforts, hard work and with the partnership of government, much progress has been made in formalising and empowering the industry through their involvement in ground-breaking projects. The industry has been instrumental in transporting healthcare and other frontline workers during the height of the pandemic, ensuring that our province delivers critical services to the public, as well as ensuring that the majority of commuters have access to safe, reliable and affordable transport. This contributed to the economic well-being of the industry and easy access to transport for the public.


We wish the newly-elected SANTACO Western Cape leadership success as leaders in the industry, and in moving the province forward. We trust that the leadership will make strides in creating a non-violent industry, transforming the industry through formalisation, regulation and empowerment, and providing long lasting solutions to address the challenges the industry faces.


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Ntomboxolo Makoba-Somdaka

Spokesperson for Minister Daylin Mitchell

Cell: 082 953 0026


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