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Provincial Traffic Services traffic operations - 19 to 27 December 2022 / 29 December 2022

Provincial Minister of Mobility lauds provincial traffic officers’ drunk driving arrests but warns drivers to remain vigilant


The acting provincial Minister of Mobility, Dr Ivan Meyer, states that the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works remains cautiously optimistic about the festive season road safety and traffic statistics. “Our 24/7-365 approach along with the vast majority of road users supporting our efforts is reaping rewards,” said Meyer. “We however remain concerned about the high number of drunk drivers with more than 75% of this week’s arrests being for drunk driving. Our colleagues in Emergency Metro Services have reported concerningly high numbers of call-outs and we continue to appeal to all road-users to exercise caution,” he added.


Western Cape Provincial Traffic Services implemented a total of 400 integrated roadblocks, vehicle check point and speed control operations across the province in the week of 19 to 27 December 2022, and 51 674 vehicles were stopped and checked. A total of 17 322 fines were issued for various traffic violations ranging from driver to vehicle fitness.


A total of 596 speeding offences were recorded. If you are a motorist, it is imperative that you show consideration for pedestrians wherever they are.


Pedestrians are almost always killed in collisions with vehicles travelling faster than 60km/ hour. Slowing down will give you more time to avoid to pedestrians in the road. If you are travelling more slowly and you collide with a pedestrian, the pedestrian is more likely to survive. Be particularly careful when you come across child pedestrians. They may behave unpredictably, and may struggle to understand how quickly a vehicle is moving. Because children are short, in a collision, they are likely to be hit in the head and chest, and are therefore more likely to be killed.


The highest speeds recorded this week were as follows:

  • 175 km/h in a 120 km/h zone
  • 139 km/h in a 100 km/h zone
  • 124 km/h in an 80 km/h zone
  • 99 km/h in a 60 km/h zone
  • Forty-eight vehicles were impounded and 220 were discontinued for unroadworthiness.


National Road Traffic Act and Criminal Procedure Act


A total of 146 arrests were made for the following offences:

  • 110 x driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • 8 x reckless and negligent driving.
  • 5 x speeding.
  • 1 x goods overloading.
  • 13 x possession of fraudulent documentation.
  • 3 x bribery.
  • 2 x threatening/ suggesting use of violence/injuries/damage to property of peace officer's relatives or himself/ herself/ their property.
  • 2 x obstructs or hinder an authorized officer in the execution of his/her duty.
  • 1 x possession of stolen property.
  • 1 x possession of and illegal substance.


Fatalities recorded between 19 to 27 December 2022

A total of 34 crashes occurred in the reporting period, and 37 fatalities were recorded:

  • 8 x drivers.
  • 1 x cyclist.
  • 8 x passengers.
  • 20 x pedestrians.


The Safely Home theme for December is Alcohol and Roads Don’t Mix. This week, 110 motorists were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Never drink and drive. Consuming alcohol, even in small amounts, and then walking, cycling or driving is very dangerous. Crashes involving drivers and pedestrians under the influence are no accident. Blood alcohol concentration tests on the bodies of people killed in road crashes show that, whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist or driver, your risk of dying in a road crash is higher if you have been drinking. Alcohol impairs processes critical to safe road use, such as vision and reaction time. It is also associated with poor judgement, and is often linked to other high-risk road use behaviours such as speeding or not using seatbelts


#BoozeFreeRoads. Alcohol and roads don’t mix.


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