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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Koeberg Road

Reported: 2022-05-20

The taxi bypassed traffic in the right turn only lane, and then continued straight through the intersection while the traffic light was red.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Bosmansdam Road

Reported: 2022-05-10

Disregarded and jumped red traffic light on Bosmansdam Road

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Blaauwberg & Gie

Reported: 2022-04-07

Every morning about 7h30 on Blaauwberg Rd, minibus taxis use the right turning lane to go straight over the red robots and almost hitting the traffic coming from Gie/Gill Rd

Illegal Parking Venus Circle

Reported: 2022-04-04

Multiple cars (3-7 cars daily) are parking illegally on private property. It is being used as a parking area, and is destroying the pavements not to mention the littering and noise. The owners of the vehicles do not live in the area.

Inconsiderate Driving Otto du Plessis

Reported: 2022-01-17

Vehicle blocking intersection, preventing cyclists and pedestrians from using the bicycle path

Illegal Parking 24 Osirus Way

Reported: 2021-06-20

Car parked in opposite house driveway

Illegal Parking 24 Osirus Way

Reported: 2021-06-19

car parked in driveway

Inconsiderate Driving Wilgenhof / Court

Reported: 2021-06-02

He races down the cul-de-sac every morning and cuts across the closed pavement area into Letchworth to avoid traffic coming from the school. He has small children in the bakkie not wearing seatbelts

Illegal Parking Village Walk

Reported: 2021-06-01

This truck has been standing in public parking in Village Walk Road in Parklands. This is public parking right in front of a family play park for over three weeks now

Other Otto Duplessis Rd

Reported: 2021-05-23

Every day, for several hours, a white bakkie pumps sewage from the lagoon into the storm water drain. The equipment used obstructs the bicycle lane and poses a serious risk to cyclists and other road users


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