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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Jip de Jager

Reported: 2019-06-11

Dangerous overtaking on a hill and solid line while talking on phone.

2019-06-11 09:45 Thank you for notifying and reporting this traffic offence. We’ve sent through your report to the traffic authorities within the various Western Cape Traffic Services divisions.

Other Jip de Jager

Reported: 2017-06-09

Driver on cell distracted & erratic. Poor lane, indicator use. 1 hand. Limited skills JdeJ far rght lane, robot rght into VanRbckshof. Indication for lane change? Approach T'bergVallRd robot came behind VERY CLOSE, to go straight over.

2017-07-19 11:00 Provincial Traffic managed this report. The owner of the vehicle was identified via eNatis and confirmed he was the driver. He was given a verbal warning. He apologised for his behaviour.

Reckless Driving Intersection Jip de Jager Drive and Van Riebeeckhof Road

Reported: 2014-10-01

Reckless driving around busy intersection, while talking on mobile device. Trying to change gears with right hand. SH UPDATE: This issue was referred to the City of Cape Town at 11:21 on the 07/10/2014

2014-11-24 12:30 SAFELY HOME UPDATE: This issue was referred to the City of Cape Town at 12:13 on the 24/11/2014