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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Gie road into Blouberg road

Reported: 2022-09-06

Taxi drivers are recklessly driving,overtaking unsafely, driving into oncoming traffic and bullying other road users in the morning.

Reckless Driving Koeberg Road

Reported: 2022-09-01

We were travelling towards Montague Gardens when this taxi deliberately cut in front of our Toyota Corolla with no indication. We had to brake hard to prevent colliding with him. He cut in so close to the front of our vehicle that he nearly hit us.

Illegal Parking Rothesay Road

Reported: 2022-08-18

These vehicles has been parked on the street for years

Illegal Parking Shiraz close

Reported: 2022-07-06

This car keeps blocking the road by being inconsiderate, they park in such a manner that is difficult to get to our house. There is also over grown trees that is blocking the road.

Illegal Parking Bateleur Crescent

Reported: 2022-05-30

This vehicle is Again parked illegally in the same place, for at least the 50th time in the last year! It is clearly within 6m of a Blind Corner, In a roadway less than 9m-Wide and with a Solid Barrier-Line in the middle of the road!

Illegal Parking Bateleur Crescent

Reported: 2022-03-21

Roadway is Less Than 9M Wide and there is a Solid Barrier Line Painted In Middle Of Road, So illegal to park in this road, as we all know from our Learner's License Test!

Illegal Parking Bateleur Crescent

Reported: 2022-03-18

The Road Traffic Law in South Africa is very clear, if a roadway is less than 9M wide, it is illegale to park in the road, especially when there is a Solid Barrier Line Painted In The Road

Illegal Parking Old Nectar Roadp

Reported: 2022-03-17

Parks on sidewalk every day creating an inconvenience for the people living opposite him. Also parks with front of vehicle facing oncoming traffic.

Reckless Driving Gill Road

Reported: 2022-03-01

Jumped queue of cars waiting for the robot by speeding down the oncoming traffic lane and pushing in at the intersection. This vehicle has pulled this same move on several occasions now.

Illegal Parking Bateleur Crescent

Reported: 2022-02-02

This vehicle is parked here illegally all day, most days Monday through Friday. It is clearly Well Within 10m of a Blind-Corner and there is a Solid Barrier-Line clearly painted in the road,


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