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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Tryall Road

Reported: 2021-10-05

Someone drove past our estate at over 100km an hour.

Reckless Driving Tryall Road

Reported: 2021-10-04

For the past few weeks many cars have been speeding past Fynbos Estate in the later hours (after 8). They travel at speeds up to 100-120 km per hour.

Reckless Driving Otto du Plessis Dr

Reported: 2021-09-20

Driving erratically swerving infront of me trying to run me of the road.

Other Gee

Reported: 2021-09-17

This vehicle has a blindingly bright lightounted right below the number plate. The light is so bright it caused hot spots in my vision during the day.

Illegal Parking Stadler road

Reported: 2021-08-15

Woman parked illegally, preventing access to the area behind the building.

Reckless Driving West Coast Road going past Bayside centre away from the city.

Reported: 2021-06-24

Drag race speeds and wreckless endangering of other drivers as the vehicle was speeding excessively and weaving in between traffic dangerously

Illegal Parking Otto du Plessis Dr

Reported: 2020-08-18

Vehicle regularly parks illegally in bicycle lane in the afternoon

Reckless Driving Porterfield Rd

Reported: 2020-08-12

The vehicle set off from the stop street on Willow Rd (heading South), turning left onto Porterfield Rd without looking, nearly hitting me while I was cycling through the intersection. When confronted, the motorist threatened me with her vehicle.

Reckless Driving Blaauwberg Road

Reported: 2020-06-01

He came right through a marked stop sign at the cnr of Grey Ave and Blaauwberg Rd and then proceeded to go right through a red light on Blaauwberg Rd without the slightest attempt to slow down or stop. He missed hitting us by seconds.

Reckless Driving Porterfield Road

Reported: 2019-12-09

At intersection of Crassula Rd and Porterfield Rd,driver in car behind me engaged in road rage type of behaviour because I stopped at the stop street, he then proceeded to overtake me on and displayed threatening behaviour