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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Circle Road

Reported: 2013-07-23

Circle road had a queue of approximately 40 cars waiting to turn into Park avenue. This vehicle decided to pass them all on the wrong side of the road and entered Park when he reached it and proceeded to merge with the queue.

Reckless Driving R27

Reported: 2013-03-08

A reckless speedster endangered the lives of 5 cyclists and occupants of 5 cars by passing in face of oncoming traffic with cyclists in emergency lane next to us, almost crashing into my car as he cut in.

Reckless Driving Gie Road

Reported: 2013-02-19

Overtook on the stop street of Gie Road & Raats Drive, didn't event partially slow down, but over took on the solid line coming up to the stop WHILE school children were being transported - a huge danger to our community.