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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Contermanskloof/M13

Reported: 2020-12-23

Vehicle went through red light long after it had changed. 4 pictures show this clearly.

Inconsiderate Driving Fairtrees Street

Reported: 2020-12-22

Driver is speeding and doesn't obey road signs and rules

Reckless Driving Tygerberg Valley rd

Reported: 2020-12-04

Speeding and passing me while I was indicating and started passing a slower vehicle. Aggressively passing vehicles on solid lines.

Reckless Driving On the N1 towards cape town

Reported: 2020-10-25

Driver was driving recklessly on the road, swerving from lane to lane, trying to intimidate other drivers in the roads including us. Then track us on the road until we are home. As soon as we pulled into our security complex, he drove away.

Inconsiderate Driving Tindale Way & Durbanville Ave.

Reported: 2020-08-30

Driver was too impatient to wait for light to turn green - turned into Durbanville Ave. towards Tygervalley long before light changed.

Reckless Driving DeBron/Brackenfell Blvd

Reported: 2020-06-09

Vehicle pulled out into oncoming lane to turn right into DeBron long after change to red light. Photo 1 shows red light at 11:25:55. Vehicle proceeded through at 11:29:18 - photo 2.

Reckless Driving Wellington Road

Reported: 2020-03-14

Vehicle overtook me on solid barrier line at high speed. It then proceeded to run red traffic lights at Brackenfell Blvd.

Reckless Driving Durban Road

Reported: 2020-03-13

Let driver into traffic & observed she was using a handheld cellphone. The driver then changed lanes without any indication.

Other Racecourse Road

Reported: 2020-02-01

This vehicle drove into the back of an Audi A5 in the parking area of D'Aria wine Estate. The Security Guards tried to stop him but he refused and drove off.

Reckless Driving Cnr Aurora and Paterson

Reported: 2020-01-03

Driver skipped stop street with no attempt to slow down. When confronted he became very aggressive.