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Reports by Citizens

Illegal Parking Boeier Cres

Fish Hoek
Reported: 2020-01-31

Parking on tthe sidewalk of someone's yard.

Reckless Driving Buller Louw Drive at KFC

Fish Hoek
Reported: 2019-02-22

The driver was speeding and came across 3 lanes of cars, nearly causing a huge accident when he decided to turn into the Shell garage.

2019-02-22 15:30 Thank you for notifying and reporting this traffic offence - we are very happy that you were unharmed! We’ve sent through your report to the traffic authorities within your area.

Illegal Parking Fish Hoek Main Road

Fish Hoek
Reported: 2017-07-13

Car is parked illegally on the pavement, blocking the motor gate of the residence. Not the first time this has been done by this individual.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Black Hill Rd

Fish Hoek
Reported: 2017-05-22

Minibus taxi, CA 496 853 overtook three vehicles, including my own, down Black Hill Rd (Glencairn express) towards the Kommetjie Rd intersection on the wrong side of a double white line, on a blind curve doing in excess of the 60km speed limit.

Illegal Parking Main road

Fish Hoek
Reported: 2016-07-14

The deiver reversed back along the ledt hand lane. Pulle into the right hand lane, stopping traffic. And parked. All because he didnt qant to wait at the stop n go in Kalk Bay. Seems he's gone for dinner at Harbour House.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Main road

Fish Hoek
Reported: 2016-03-16

Now that the stop and go is back in effect, the taxis drive on the wrong side of the road, push in to traffic and drive incredibly dangerously