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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Plattekloof Road

Reported: 2020-07-11

Vehicle swerving recklessly through traffic, at speeds higher than speed limit. Cross between lanes and using the shoulder as a lane to bypass traffic.

Reckless Driving Voortrekker

Reported: 2017-02-20

Driver testing and Driving

Reckless Driving Jip de Jager

Reported: 2017-01-17

Driver texting and driving

Reckless Driving Gardiner rd

Reported: 2016-09-09

Wreckless driving and stopped at smugglers bought booze and proceeded to drink and drive. Time was 11.11am.

Reckless Driving N1 inbound

Reported: 2016-06-21

Crossing lanes into traffic, not using indicator, general reckless driving and speeding

Reckless Driving Plattekloof road

Reported: 2016-03-04

Drove over 2 red traffic lights long after it had turned red and was driving reckless and speeding