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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Blaauwberg Road

Reported: 2020-06-01

He came right through a marked stop sign at the cnr of Grey Ave and Blaauwberg Rd and then proceeded to go right through a red light on Blaauwberg Rd without the slightest attempt to slow down or stop. He missed hitting us by seconds.

Reckless Driving Porterfield Road

Reported: 2019-12-09

At intersection of Crassula Rd and Porterfield Rd,driver in car behind me engaged in road rage type of behaviour because I stopped at the stop street, he then proceeded to overtake me on and displayed threatening behaviour

Reckless Driving Bay side parking lot second floor

Reported: 2019-11-09

Was parked on the second floor parking at Bayside shopping centre, was leaving the centre when the taxi drove into my car, driver had no licence or ID with him, reported to Table view Police

Reckless Driving Berkshire bvld

Reported: 2019-03-13

Reckless and dangerous driving all along Berkshire bovld until Eden on the Bay. High speed putting others lives in danger

2019-03-13 23:30 Thank you for notifying and reporting this traffic offence. We’ve sent through your report to the traffic authorities within the various Western Cape Traffic Services divisions.

Reckless Driving Otto du Plessis Drive

Reported: 2018-05-16

Driver of the vehicle overtook 5 cars, crossing numerous solid white lines, travelling at a speed significantly higher than the indicated 70km/h.

2018-05-16 06:45 Thanks for sending through your report, Greg - it has been forwarded on to the relevant traffic authority within City of Cape Town Traffic Services.

Reckless Driving Cnr Link Rd and R27

Reported: 2017-05-16

Driver drove straight across busy intersection from a compulsory turning lane (ignoring clear lane markings), before cutting in front of other vehicles. This daily occurrence at this intersection is a safety hazard for all other road users.

Reckless Driving In Link Road, at the traffic lights (waiting to cross over the R27 West Coast Road)

Reported: 2016-02-17

Pushed in front of me at quite a speed at the traffic light - coming within millimetres of an accident. Child was STANDING (!!!) between the seats at the time.

Reckless Driving Sandown road

Reported: 2013-09-30

Two GLASSMEN bakkies speeding down Gie road ex sandown road, overtaking in single lane traffic with school children around. The other driver sped off at ver high speed and could not get a picture

Reckless Driving Circle Road

Reported: 2013-07-23

Circle road had a queue of approximately 40 cars waiting to turn into Park avenue. This vehicle decided to pass them all on the wrong side of the road and entered Park when he reached it and proceeded to merge with the queue.

Reckless Driving R27

Reported: 2013-03-08

A reckless speedster endangered the lives of 5 cyclists and occupants of 5 cars by passing in face of oncoming traffic with cyclists in emergency lane next to us, almost crashing into my car as he cut in.