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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Fynbos Ln (Groenkloof Retirement Village - Public road)

Reported: 2019-01-11

The lady drove over the stop street, without trying to stop or see if there was any oncoming traffic.

2019-01-11 18:30 Thank you for notifying and reporting this traffic offence. We’ve sent through your report to the traffic authorities within your area. Thank you for your contribution in making our roads a safer place. #BetterTogether

Reckless Driving N2

Reported: 2016-02-13

annoyed by me keeping to the speed limit, motorist races past and cuts me off. I slam on breaks. He leans to the back window,swerving across the road, making foal hand signals. PULL'S OUT A KNIFE. making ''çut throat'' gestures. He needs help.. .