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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving On N1 between Goodwood N7 turn off and Sable road turn off

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-09-14

Two young guys. Very reckless driving. Driving fast between cars Almost caused more than 1 accident. Encouraging other drivers to take him on

Reckless Driving

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-09-04

Driver sped through the circle, did not yield before entering cirlce

Reckless Driving Wood Drive Parklands

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-08-24

Speeding on Wood Drive in Sunningdale - Speed enforcement is urgently needed

Reckless Driving White Road, circle by Spur Tokai

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-08-23

Vehicle didn’t yield at circle coming from Spur, drove up the pavement to avoid a truck across from McDonalds. Then swerved all over road. No rear view mirror. He looked high or drunk. If anyone was on that pavement they would be dead

Reckless Driving Circle at Helen Suzman Blvd and Granger Bay Blvd

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-08-20

other driver sped through circle, almost into my car He then cut me off just after circle He followed me, cut me off again Refused to let me pass He was aggressive swearing me He only left me alone when I told him I was calling the police

Reckless Driving Marine Drive

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-08-18

This reckless man tried to switch lanes and, as a result, almost turned into the side of my car. I braked and hooted, to which his response was to flip me off and slam on his brakes so I would rear-end him.

Reckless Driving Northpine Drive, Northpine, Brackenfell

Reported: 2021-08-07

Vehicle was swerving violently on the residential road. When I approached the vehicle at Northpine Shell Garage, I established that all occupants of this vehicle was under the influence of alcohol. The driver was barely able to lift his head.

Reckless Driving Dick Burton

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-07-29

Driver hooted at me wanting me to pull out into traffic because she was impatient. She then proceeded to pull out into traffic dangerously.

Reckless Driving Noordhoek Main Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-07-29

The driver of the above mentioned vehicle overtook myself on a solid white line with on coming traffic. Myself and the oncoming vehicles had to move into the yellow line on the side of the road to avoid an accident.

Reckless Driving R300 facing Mitchell's Plain just before the AZ Berman turn off

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-07-27

Almost caused an accident by cutting in front of me by a few inches while stopping dead because of speeding. I had my kids in the car with me.