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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Dock Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-02-09

The driver of the said vehicle was impatient and decided to overtake and switch lanes without allowing for a safe distance. I managed to slow down in time to avoid collision. Driver continued driving recklessly further on.

Reckless Driving

Laingsburg Rural
Reported: 2021-01-31

As per attached photo

Reckless Driving York Street

Reported: 2021-01-23

2 Violations witnessed and recorded. CES5700 Did not yield for oncoming traffic at the first Junction. CES5700 then proceeds to run a red light at the second junction. I have the original unedited clips if required.

Reckless Driving Weton

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-01-21

Unlicensed driver , reckless driving.

Reckless Driving Kromboom Road and Burwood road intersection towards M5

Reported: 2021-01-02

Jumped a red traffic light The vehicle did come to a standstill for a few seconds but then proceeded to drove while the light was still red.

Reckless Driving Foerst Drive Extension

Cape Town
Reported: 2020-12-29

I had to accelerate it looked like he was coming straight at my vehicle from behind he was distracted. He drink and drive had an accident in Sept 20. He lives in my complex. BMW is unlicensed unregistered and number plates belong to a other vehicle

Reckless Driving N2 highay to Cape Town

Mossel Bay Rural
Reported: 2020-12-26

Driver overtaking on the left side yelllow lane, caused car to go off the road. He was also drag racing other vehicles and acting aggressively to other cars.

Reckless Driving Campground Road/M92

Reported: 2020-12-25

Vehicle ignored red light. 3 photos show this.

Reckless Driving CampsBay drive

Cape Town
Reported: 2020-12-23

Illegally Overtaking on a solid line and exceeding speed limit.

Reckless Driving Contermanskloof/M13

Reported: 2020-12-23

Vehicle went through red light long after it had changed. 4 pictures show this clearly.