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Reports by Citizens

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking 25 Uys Krige Drive,

Reported: 2019-08-03

This Audi CN4HNGP has been parked in the street in front of 25 Uys Krige drive for at least 6 days. The licence disk expired on 31/05/2019. Difficulty reversing out of my driveway. Neighbours not available for comment. Is vehicle possibly stolen?

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking Sussex Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2017-10-24

My car was blocked in by the subject vehicle. I attempted to maneuver out in spite of the vehicle blocking my way but discerned that I was unable to. It should be noted that the vehicle's license expired in May 2016. I have photo evidence of this.

2017-10-24 17:15 Your report has been forwarded on to the relevant traffic services.

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking Wigtown

Cape Town
Reported: 2017-06-03

Vehicle has been parked in same place for over 3 weeks. Car has a flat tyre and has not moved. Potentially abandoned vehicle.

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking Main Road

Reported: 2017-01-02

On 2 January 2017 in Franschhoek at 9:45am there was no parking in the Main road. A guy running a business next to Nedbank decided to park me in,and put traffic cones there to prevent me leaving.

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking Builders Warehouse, into disabled parking bay

Reported: 2016-12-30

The vehicle was parked at Builders over the line into the disabled parking area

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking Kloof Street

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-11-18

Pizza Hut have opened up at 8 Kloof Street and with their multiple delivery scooters have decided to either park on the pavement or take up a full parking which could be used for motor cars.

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking Eaton street

Cape Town
Reported: 2013-02-19

Car parked in a very narrow and busy street.