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About Us

Safely Home is the road safety campaign of the Western Cape Government.

The World Health “World Report on Road Traffic Injury” speaks about six recommendations that countries should follow to improve their road safety records and save lives.


It is on the basis of these recommendations that the Western Cape Government appointed the Western Cape Mobility Department to implement the Safely Home Programme.


The Western Cape Government’s Safely Home Programme, initiated by Robin Carlisle, then Minister for Transport and Public Works is aimed at reducing the number of people killed on the province’s road network. Between 2009, when Safely Home was initiated, and 2020, per capita road deaths in the Western Cape fell from 29,25 per 100 000 inhabitants to 15,82 per 100 000. This is a reduction of 46%.


Safely Home is based on the four E's of road safety recognised as international best practice by the United Nations.

  • Enforcement
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Evaluation

Safely Home recognises that South Africa in general and the Western Cape in particular have among the most dangerous roads in the world and strives to fulfill the UN’ Sustainable Development Goals as they pertain to reducing road carnage.