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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving R44

Reported: 2024-05-28

Driving at high speed overtaking cars over solid barrier lines. Only to stop & turn right at the next traffic light intersection. This report has been submitted successfully and will be escalated to the relevant authority to address.

Inconsiderate Driving N2

Reported: 2024-05-21

Heading towards Cape Town. Dual lane feeding back into one lane. Driver pushing me over the orange barrier line to get in front. Driving at excessive speed.

Illegal Parking 5 Trill Rd

Cape Town
Reported: 2024-05-21

Car parked in front of driveway where there is a clear no parking sign. The person has been gone for sometime and we can’t seem to find them at anywhere. We have been stuck in the house as a result.

Reckless Driving Main Street

Reported: 2024-05-20

A vehicle was driving on the Malmesbury Road entering Northern Paarl. The driver was swinging to the left and over to the right lane. I was flickering my lights. Entering Paarl, he drove over 3 red traffic lights.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport M41 Constantia Main Road opposite Eagles Nest

Cape Town
Reported: 2024-05-15

Bus stopped in the left lane of a the road on a blind corner without indicating to pick up a passenger. Driver made no attempt to pull off the road despite there being ample pull over space to accommodate this.

Reckless Driving Princess street, Hout Bay

Cape Town
Reported: 2024-05-13

Speeding, overtaking on solid line, jumping traffic through circle, overtaking on mandatory turn

Reckless Driving - Public Transport N1 Inbound

Cape Town
Reported: 2024-05-11

Taxi came into our lane with no indication and not even 2m gap. Eveb after hooting to raise awareness of the fact that we were in the lane the driver proceeded to push us off the road. Should we not have braked hard we would have been side swiped.

Reckless Driving N1 North

Reported: 2024-05-09

Weaving dangerously between vehicles, constantly changing lanes. Almost side swiping my vehicle where 2 lanes feed into one under the R300 interchange.

Illegal Parking Kloof Street Park

Cape Town
Reported: 2024-05-08

Illegal parking in a public park, car remains on site

Reckless Driving Avenue de Mist

Southern Suburbs
Reported: 2024-05-08

The driver did not stop at the stop street at the junction of Ave de Mist and Milner Road. I had to brake to avoid a collision.