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Reports by Citizens

Illegal Parking 3 Roughmoor road

Southern Suburbs
Reported: 2023-03-17

Parked in road blocking gates and moving cars

Illegal Parking Fir Road, Rondebosch

Cape Town
Reported: 2023-03-17

Car parked totally blocking pavement outside a school forcing learners to walk out onto the road which is busy with parents dropping kids. Photo's are available but not uploading to system

Reckless Driving Sunnyside Road

Reported: 2023-03-17

Unfortunately I didn’t get the registration numbers, however this morning 3 taxis used the oncoming side of the road, in a residential area (on a road they’re not meant to driving) to skip the traffic within the suburb

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking Fourth Avenue

Reported: 2023-03-16

The person has a samoosa factory on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Voel Street, The owners family, friends and customers parks with no consideration for the people living in the street.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Edgemead Drive

Cape Town
Reported: 2023-03-16

3 ‘mini bus taxis driving on the wrong side of the road Edgemead Drive Daily occurrence between 06h30 -08h00 Will lead to traffic accidents as they block on coming traffic

Reckless Driving Edgemead Drive

Reported: 2023-03-16

I counted 7 minibus taxis and 2 cars riding up the oncoming traffic lane on Edgemead drive this morning, in the space of about 15 minutes

Reckless Driving R44

Reported: 2023-03-15

The driver of the white Volkswagen singlecab bakkie did not stop behind the line at multiple robots, and after asking the driver if he knew that he was supposed to stop behind the line, he replied with "die reëls tel nie vir my nie".

Illegal Parking Kloof street 99

Cape Town
Reported: 2023-03-14

Parks there every night leaves it through day on spot making delivery difficult for restaurants and ourselves situated at 99 Kloof street.

Reckless Driving Main road claremont

Cape Town
Reported: 2023-03-13

Man talking on cellphone while driving at 40km/h. Phone clearly visible in his hand for about 10 minutes.

Reckless Driving Waterloo Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2023-03-10

Ran red light making right turn into Carr Hill Road after forcing lane change (no indicator and pushing in) on Waterloo Road. Other people stopped accident.


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