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Reports by Citizens

Other Sherry Way

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-10-19

Unlicensed vehicle

Inconsiderate Driving N7

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-10-18

Driver intimidated by leaving no space between our car & van on the road for a few km's. When the driver saw my phone he dropped back. He sped up again to stare us down before we turned left onto the slip road. Very scary moments for us!

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking Eskom Road

Reported: 2021-10-15

Taxi's stop in front of complex- Look into our homes&rooms-Zero privacy-Kids can't dress-Play music&hoot a lot- kids can't sleep-Smoke blow into homes house stink-litter everywhere&litter blows over our walls&into garden-Men pee against walls&stinks

Illegal Parking Ivanhoe Road

Fish Hoek
Reported: 2021-10-14

Driver parked in no parking zone by deliveries only sign

Other Stella Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-10-11

Truck carrying 22 ton container from port to montague gardens totally unroadworthy - smooth & damaged tyres and license expired. DEATH TRAP.

Illegal Parking Central Drive, Camps Bay

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-10-10

Completely obstructing the pavement meaning pedestrians have to walk on the road.

Illegal Parking 7 Don street manenberg 7764

Reported: 2021-10-10

We have historical issues with our neighbours partying in front of our gate and parking their cars there.

Reckless Driving N1 towards Kraaifontein turn off

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-10-09

driving like maniac, changed lanes dangerously&brake taps when we wanted to get past; did not give way, sped up in the WRONG LANE( turning off at the next offramp).He drove in right infront of us& then the “middle finger”! I have more photos

Reckless Driving Matine drive

Reported: 2021-10-09

Going from lane to lane, causing nearly 3 accidents, people hooting at her, having to HARD brake because of her reckless driving, in a 5km drive.

Reckless Driving Tryall Road

Reported: 2021-10-08

Motor bike drove past our estate after curfew at over 100 km an hour. This is not the first time such an event has occurred.