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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Victoria Avenue

Hout Bay
Reported: 2017-10-31

I was coming from Llandudno with 4 schoolgirls in my car. The light turned green for me and the cars coming from Cape town had all stopped. As I started forward a Mazda bakkie raced through the red light in the lane for turning to Llandudno .

2017-10-31 16:15 Your report has been forwarded on to the relevant traffic services.

Reckless Driving Victoria and Llandudno just before the lights

Hout Bay
Reported: 2017-03-20

Driver of Jeep cut me off in left hand turn only lane by cutting in front of me as I approached on my tandem with my young daughter as the 2nd person. I had to brake and swerve to avoid him. Video attached.

Reckless Driving Llandudno Road

Hout Bay
Reported: 2017-03-15

Dangerous close passing of cyclist. Touched my right arm as he passed.

2017-03-16 07:15 Good day Mr Mr Booth, I will send your complaint through to City of Cape Traffic Department to deal with the matter.

Reckless Driving Chapmans peak drive

Hout Bay
Reported: 2016-11-20

Driver of the vehicle was excessively speeding up Chapmans peak drive from tollbooth to day pass check area. After check point sped up to look out point on right hand side of the road. Endangering cyclists and other road users.

Reckless Driving Chapmans Peak

Hout Bay
Reported: 2016-11-15

Passing too closely to a cyclist, not respecting one metre law.

Reckless Driving Hourbay main road

Hout Bay
Reported: 2016-05-01

Car overtook me on a solid line and the proceded to stop infront of me trying to get me out of the car to assault me after i hooted at them for overtaking into oncomming blindcorner.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Main Rd

Hout Bay
Reported: 2016-04-08

Southbound on Main Rd, 100m past BP Garage. Minibus taxi driving on the wrong side of the road, over double white lines with a yellow line centre. Pls initiate Section 79 proceedings and request City to maintain a regular law enforcement presence.

Reckless Driving Constantia Nek

Hout Bay
Reported: 2016-04-03

Tow truck driver was driving incredibly aggressively on constantia nek to get to motorcycle accident, recklessly overtaking on blind bends, almost caused a serious accident himself.

Inconsiderate Driving - Public Transport Main Road

Hout Bay
Reported: 2014-08-24

Motor Vehicle passed cyclist from behind and proceeded to park illegally on a red line in front of the first cyclist without any indication at a short distance and no space to avoid accident. Cyclist tried to brake, but car was too close to avoid.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Traffic light intersection on Main Road and Payne Road

Hout Bay
Reported: 2014-02-14

At the new traffic light intersection on Main Road and Payne Road, taxis regularly use the right turning lane to overtake at high speeds. Several accidents have already been reported and with a school next door a tragedy is waiting to happen.