#ItCanWait - No call or text is worth your life. feature image

#ItCanWait - No call or text is worth your life.

Cellphone use is now estimated to be involved in as many as 25% of crashes. Learn more about this growing danger on our roads.
 A Deadly Combination feature image

Alcohol and the Road: A Deadly Combination

If you choose to drink and drive, or drink and walk, what happens next will be no accident. Click to learn more.
 Safe Roads For All  feature image

WalkSmart: Safe Roads For All

Pedestrians make up 57% of road fatalities in the City of Cape Town, and 44% of province-wide fatalities. Learn more about the problem and what you can do to help.
Safe Roads, Safe Kids feature image

Safe Roads, Safe Kids

Child road users need and deserve special protection. Child pedestrians, particularly small children in poor communities, are particularly at risk. Click to learn more and see our interactive map of small child pedestrian fatalities.
Seatbelts Save Lives feature image

Seatbelts Save Lives

It takes a second to save a life, so buckle up, front and back, for every trip. It is the law and the right thing to do. Click to learn more.