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#ShareTheRoad with Cyclists

It is important that both cyclists and motorists consider each other and share the road safely.

#ShareTheRoad with Cyclists

Cyclists are vulnerable road users and it is important that both cyclists and motorists consider each other and share the road safely.

Apart from knowing and obeying the road rules, cyclists need to ride defensively at all times.

To share the road safely with motorists, cyclists should:

Be Seen:

  • Wear bright coloured clothing at daytime. At night, wear reflective clothing.
  • Fit front and rear lights when riding at night to maximize your chances of being seen.
  • At night, attach reflective tape or stickers to your clothing or helmet to increase your visibility.

Be Predictable:

  • Ride in a straight line and use hand signals when turning or changing lanes.
  • Avoid sudden movements. Make gradual changes in lane position to avoid hazardous road conditions as this gives drivers plenty of time to see you.
  • Keep one metre clear of parked cars and watch for the unexpected opening of car doors.
  • When cycling directly into a rising or setting sun, be aware that you are almost invisible to a driver approaching from behind.

Choose a Good Route:

  • Avoid roads that are prone to high traffic or cars travelling at high speeds.
  • Choose bicycle friendly routes and quiet streets.

Be Prepared:

  • Listen for approaching vehicles.
  • Glance to the side as you approach side streets and driveways.

To share the road safely with cyclists, motorists should:

Drive Cautiously:

  • Always reduce your speed when you encounter cyclists.
  • Recognize situations that may be potentially dangerous for cyclists and give them space.

Yield to Cyclists:

  • Cyclists should be given the appropriate right of way.
  • Drivers should allow extra time for cyclists to cross intersections.

Be Considerate:

  • Check your blind spots and look before opening your car door.
  • Look for cyclists in traffic at intersections.

Pass with Care:

  • Pass cyclists with a minimum distance of 1.5 m.
  • Wait until road and traffic conditions allow you to pass safely.

Cycling Safety Tips whilst Training:

  • Always wear a helmet that fits properly.
  • Ride in a straight line.
  • Ride with traffic, not against it.
  • Maintain a small area directly in front of yourself as a safety zone in case you need to brake quickly.
  • Do not wear headphones as it impedes your hearing whilst cycling.