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#SeeAndBeSeen - If you are not seen on the road, you may not see your future.

Seeing other road users, and being seen by them, can save your life on the roads, especially in the darker months of the year.

#SeeAndBeSeen - If you are not seen on the road, you may not see your future.

In the Western Cape, shorter, darker days during the winter months can increase the risk of a traffic injury for road users. We are also a winter rainfall region, and rain can not only make roads slippery, but can hamper visibility too. Don't miss out on your future because you didn't see another road user, or weren't seen yourself. The best way to survive a crash, is to avoid it altogether. Here are some tips on seeing and being seen.


Motorists, including motor-cyclists:

Driving with your lights on at any time will always improve your visibility, and is a must for the short, dark, wet days of winter.

Ensure all of your lights work, including tail-lights, indicators and reverse lights.

Remember that not all other road users may be equipped with lights, especially pedestrians, and especially child pedestrians.

Ensure your windscreen and mirrors are clear before every trip. On a dark rainy day, smudges and dirt can mean the difference between seeing another vehicle and crashing into them.

31% of fatalities in the Western Cape occur in the dawn and dusk periods - make sure you are visible during this time, when our eyes our adjusting to changing conditions, and sun glare and shadow are at their strongest.



Reflective clothing, and front and rear lights can save your life, even during the day. Lights are a must for cyclists.

Natural colours blend into the background, and blending in can kill you, so be bold! You have more to fear from other road users than from the fashion police!

Reflective bands are an easy way to improve your visibility to other motorists.



As the most vulnerable road users, it is critical that pedestrians are as highly visible to motorists as possible, especially children. 

Bright, reflective clothing is a must, and should be non-negotiable for children, especially aged ten years and younger.

A torch or headlamp can save your life, and can help you avoid other hazards.

Glo-sticks are a fun way to make yourself more visible as a pedestrian, particularly if you are going out at night in an area with busy streets. Also, kids love glo-sticks and parents may find them receptive to wearing them.

Reflective patches, ponchos, hats and umbrellas can all save your life, or that of a child.