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Safely Home Road Safety Ambassador Pledge

As a Western Cape Safely Home Road Safety Ambassador, I pledge to:

Always CONDUCT myself in a responsible and considerate manner whenever I am on our roads as a sign of my commitment to fight against the suffering, grief and injustice caused by road deaths and injuries. Further, I pledge to be an ambassador for this collaborative effort and the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

I BELIEVE that together with the citizens of this Province and our Sister Provinces I can help save lives!

My ACT begins right now to promote safer roads, safety in vehicles and safety to other road users by doing the following:

I will always observe and follow road laws, rules and regulations;

  • I will buckle my seatbelt everytime I drive and make sure all my passengers are properly buckled up as well;
  • I will wear and fasten my motorcycle helmet and keep my headlight on when I ride;
  • As a pedestrian, I will cross the road safely at designated crossings;
  • As a cyclist, I will follow the rules of the road and wear a helmet;
  • I will follow the speed limits of our roads;
  • I will not drive or ride impaired by alcohol or drugs;
  • I will focus and just drive. I will avoid distractions, such as texting and talking on a cellphone, whilst driving;
  • I will share the road with car drivers, truck and bus drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians;
  • I will maintain my vehicle in good roadworthy condition;
  • I will not throw garbage out of my vehicle.

By consistently taking the above actions as a road user, I hope to contribute to the effective and successful implementation of the Safely Home Programme.

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