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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving N1 Highway between Giel Basson Drive off ramp and N1 City off ramp

Reported: 2022-04-19

Driver was speeding on the N1, approx. 140-160 km/h, and driving aggressively. He was driving aggressively on my rear end, I signaled for him to overtake me, and when he overtook me he slammed his breaks, almost causing a collision.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Main Road

Southern Suburbs
Reported: 2022-04-18

Vehicle ran the red light almost hitting 2 cars turning into the lane

Illegal Parking Bree street

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-04-15

Park in disabled bay. None of passengers disabled

Illegal Parking Queen Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-04-15

Parked across 2 garage entrances on a yellow line in front of Edingight flats

Illegal Parking Parliament street

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-04-13

Parking on red line

Illegal Parking 11A Indian road, Kenilworth, Cape Town

Southern Suburbs
Reported: 2022-04-13

CAA 232 508 Delivery Van parks on the sidewalk under a no parking sign. This obstructs my view when I try to exit my property safely. 3rd report

Illegal Parking Tarentaal Crescent

Reported: 2022-04-12

vehicle parked across pavement into street RIGHT BEHIND another vehicle in front of our industrial property - making it impossible for the golf to get out from their parking space. we have talked about the issue with KOREAN MOTORS several times.

Illegal Parking 14 Jetty

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-04-09

Parked on delivery area obstructing access to the delivery doors of the business and the building.

Illegal Parking Lekkerwater Rd, Sunnydale, 7975

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-04-08

Vehicle parked on pedestrian pavement, forcing pedestrians to walk into a busy dangerous industrial road with large vehicles such as trucks etc... ***Extremely inconsiderate driver ***

Illegal Parking 14 Jetty street

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-04-07

Parked on a delivery area, obstructing parking for delivery vehicles and access to building entry for goods.