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Reports by Citizens

Inconsiderate Driving N7

Reported: 2023-02-22

This vehicle stopped in the roadway to cut in to the queue going towards the N1. He crossed over solid lines and could have caused an accident if the vehicles behind him had not been paying attention

Reckless Driving Bree Street

Cape Town
Reported: 2023-02-19

A driver harassed us by driving in our lane, stopping in the middle of the road, and repeatedly speeding up when we tried to pass. The harassment continued until the driver turned off the road. Other drivers also confronted the driver in mention

Illegal Parking 8 Pembroke Street, Claremont

Cape Town
Reported: 2023-02-18

Parking on yellow line. Blocking garage on the opposite side of the road

Illegal Parking 23 Eagle Crescent

Somerset West
Reported: 2023-02-16

Parked on the wrong side of the road, on a blind corner, on a solid line

Illegal Parking 3rd Avenue Harfield Village

Southern Suburbs
Reported: 2023-02-16

Parked on yellow line obstructing driveways and traffic flow.

Reckless Driving Brackenfell Boulavard

Reported: 2023-02-16

There was a long que to go over the robot, Mercedes was in the left turning lane. When the robot turned green, the male drive put foot and went straight and into the yellow lane and then cutting off a car. He drives the same road every morning .

Inconsiderate Driving N7

Reported: 2023-02-14

This vehicle cut in the queue of traffic almost colliding with myself. He also stopped in the left lane of the N7 which has heavy motor vehicles driving at over 80km/h and thereby putting all of us in danger

Reckless Driving At the stop street on the corner of Bertha Street and First Avenue, Cravenby, Also at Webner Road

Reported: 2023-02-14

Driver does not stop or yield at a stop sign (sprayed on the road). no visible stop sign pole.

Reckless Driving 79 Manchester Street, Wheatfield Estates

Cape Town
Reported: 2023-02-13

Illegal Drag Racing, Harassing family by coming to our house and threatening us.

Illegal Parking 8 Worcester Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2023-02-11

Vehicle is parked over a yellow line and which is blocking entrance to my home’s garage


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