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Reports by Citizens

Inconsiderate (Legal) Parking Builders Warehouse, into disabled parking bay

Reported: 2016-12-30

The vehicle was parked at Builders over the line into the disabled parking area

Inconsiderate Driving Fairtrees Road, Eversdal

Reported: 2016-12-22

The driver of the Chev Bakkie CY 322 914 of Recoat Painting was changing lanes and had the Mecedes Viro behind him. When the Viro change lines the Bakkie also change lines and bricked in front of him on many occassion.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Sandown / Malibongwe

Reported: 2016-12-22

This inconsiderate and reckless driver overtook me illegally this morning. He crossed a double solid line, over the yellow middle man straight into oncoming traffic coming around the corner. This is a regular occurrence on this road

Reckless Driving Freesia Ave

Somerset West
Reported: 2016-12-21

We stopped at stop street cnr of Freesia and Firs. We waited for a bakkie with trailer to pass from left to right in First Rd. White Ford Fiesta came speeding passed us over stop narrowly missing the bakkie. Fiesta turned into 3 Freesia ave.

Reckless Driving N!

Reported: 2016-12-18

The taxi is pulling a small narrow trailer which is overloaded and has small wheels and as the taxi gets up to 120 KPH the trailer sways from side to side They are going to Umtata and obviously in a hurry

Illegal Parking Victoria Road, Clifton

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-12-18

This person (suspect it is a taxi/uber, as it was dropping of passengers), stopped in the main flow of Victoria Road (at Clifton 3), while blocking all traffic.

Inconsiderate Driving Main Road

Reported: 2016-12-14

Ignoring left hand only turn and swerving in front of cars. Nearly causing accident twice

Illegal Parking Kort Street

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-12-10

illegally parked cars, on yellow lines

Illegal Parking 53 Waaihoek Road

Reported: 2016-12-09

On Saturday, 9 December 2016 a car parked in my driveway - locking our car in the garage. I asked them to remove the vehicle from the driveway. The guy driving refused and wanted to throw out the windows of my house and hitting me

Illegal Parking Hill Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-12-07

This is the second day that this vehicle has parked in the same spot.


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