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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving N1 (Close to Plattekloof turn-off)

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-06-08

REG: TPM294GP. Speeding in traffic. Cutting off other drivers. Pushing other drivers out their lanes. CONTINUOUS BRAKE TESTING other drivers. Passing in the yellow lane. Mobile phone usage in traffic. Taunting other drivers. COMPLETE MANIAC!

Inconsiderate Driving M3

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-06-04

Going 120 in a 80 zone, cutting people doing the speed limit off the roads

Reckless Driving Knysna Roadf

Reported: 2022-06-02

Reckless driver passing on the left lanes and pushing in front of other cars at the Mall as well as on the Kaaimanspas road exceeding the speed limit to push in front of other vehicles.

Reckless Driving M5 - Prince George Drive going onto Victoria Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-06-02

I was standing in traffic waiting in line,and the White Honda burst in,nearly pushing me into the barrier. The driver then proceeded to stop and brake and drive slowing the entire time, taunting me.

Other Cnr Wireless rd and Kommetjie Main rd, Kommetjie.

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-05-31

Bakkie was crashes into sign post. 4.15 pm. Doubt this will be reported. Driver needs to pay for damage.

Illegal Parking Ednam road

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-05-30

Illegally parked

Illegal Parking Bateleur Crescent

Reported: 2022-05-30

This vehicle is Again parked illegally in the same place, for at least the 50th time in the last year! It is clearly within 6m of a Blind Corner, In a roadway less than 9m-Wide and with a Solid Barrier-Line in the middle of the road!

Other Ou Kaapseweg

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-05-30

Driving over Ou Kaapseweg with passengers

Illegal Parking Idaho Street

Cape Town
Reported: 2022-05-29

Can't identify the registration number as the car burnt in the road. The driver fled and is missing. The car is abandoned in Idaho Street after catching alight aboard a flat bed and they left it here.

Illegal Parking Corner of Le Belle & Lavendar Road

Reported: 2022-05-28

This happens daily with different vehicles. He comes after 10:00am and parks illegally on the pavement. I have spoken to him & requested that he please move his vehicle, spoke to him politely but he promises to move yet the next day he is there.