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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving Brackenfell Boulevard

Reported: 2021-12-15

The driver was next to us in a turn lane (we were in the lane going straight) we started moving forward when the light turned green. The vehicle proceeded to push into our lane (no turn signal) while they were next to us nearly hitting my car.

Reckless Driving Wolwedans crescent

Reported: 2021-12-14

Request authorities to please close entrance and exit of park which cars use for their purpose. This action will stop possible children getting killed via their actions.

Illegal Parking 7 Don street Manenberg 7764

Reported: 2021-12-12

Neighbours are inconsiderate, they say it's counsel property so they can just park in front of our gate. Third time I'm calling metro police on them and I called the police.

Illegal Parking 224 Main Road

Southern Suburbs
Reported: 2021-12-10

This vehicle has been abandoned since the end of the last school term 2021. It blocks the left turning traffic lane.

Reckless Driving Ladies Mile

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-12-06

Vehicle was speeding dangerously, going 120km/h in a 60 zone and overtaking dangerously

Reckless Driving N1 Freeway driving in Cape Town direction

Reported: 2021-12-05

1) Almost drove into standard Police car warning people of a tree on the road 2) Pushed me off the road. Changing lanes unsafely and putting me and my passengers are risk

Reckless Driving Milton Road, Frans Conradie Drive, Vasco Boulevard, N1 City area

Reported: 2021-11-20

Many vehicles racing day and night in Goodwood and surrounding areas, any day of the week from 6am until 12PM. We go to sleep with loud racing exhausts, wake up to the same loud intrusive noise. Everybody is fed up with this situation.

Inconsiderate Driving - Public Transport Van Riebeeck Road

Kuils River
Reported: 2021-11-15

This taxi driver, including two other taxi drivers following his example, passed by everyone in the lane waiting at the traffic light, only to come squeeze in right at the front. This is a daily occurrence.

Reckless Driving Turfhall Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2021-11-11

Jumped red robot after recklessly speeding past traffic.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Frans Conradie road between Brackenfell Boulevard and Old Oak road.

Reported: 2021-11-09

It happens now daily that minibus taxis drive into the left lanes(left turn only) at the intersections in Frans Conradie(between Brackenfell Blvd and Old Oak and then cut in-front of other motorists in order to skip the queue.


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