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Reports by Citizens

Illegal Parking Leeuwen street

Cape Town
Reported: 2012-05-31

SUV parked on pavement.

Reckless Driving Vatican street

Reported: 2012-05-27

Driver made no attempt to stop at 4 way stop street.

Inconsiderate Driving Hunt St

Cape Town
Reported: 2012-05-24

The taxi was parked on a red line at the main cross roads on Lower Main Rd, Obs.

Inconsiderate Driving c/o Long and Wale Streets

Cape Town
Reported: 2012-04-26

The pedestrian light was green when we crossed at the pedestrian crossing at the traffic light. I was passing in front of the van as the pedestrian light started flashing red... the driver just hooted and forced his way forward.

Inconsiderate Driving Sable Road turnoff, N1; Century Drive - Century City

Reported: 2012-04-21

Vehicle overtook me at the offramp (N1 inbound at Century City, at Sable Road offramp) by going over onto the yellow "chevroned" area, to gain one car's distance. Later on, on Century Drive, car kept changing lanes without indicating