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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving M3

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-09-16

This guy came racing past on the motorway with EMERGENCY LIGHTS flashing behind his grill, forcing people to get out of his way. I caught up with him at a red traffic light and discovered he is actually a HANDY MAN masquerading as a policeman!

Illegal Parking 17 Buiten street

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-09-12

This driver consistently parks in a loading zone outside our Business and we are not able to use it for delivery/business use

Reckless Driving N2 AND R300

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-09-11

Reckless driving, overtaking on yellow line.

Reckless Driving Gardiner rd

Reported: 2016-09-09

Wreckless driving and stopped at smugglers bought booze and proceeded to drink and drive. Time was 11.11am.

Reckless Driving de grendel

Reported: 2016-09-08

He is drunk and driving wrecklessly and a danger on the road

Illegal Parking 17 Buiten street

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-09-07

This vehicle consistently parks in a loading zone outside my place of work. We are therefore, not able to use our loading zone for business purposes.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Sunningdale Road

Reported: 2016-09-05

Everyday, these taxis push their way into the waiting traffic & endanger the lives of everyone, as they drive on the oncoming traffics side of the road from Humewood circle to the Sandown/Sunningdale roundabout & other intersections in our area.

Inconsiderate Driving Townsend Street

Reported: 2016-08-23

The driver drove the car up the one-way street in Townsendstreet i n Goodwood.

Reckless Driving M5

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-08-22

Drivers are dicing on Prince George drive, between the muizenberg circle and the cemetery, and back again. This is a weekly occurrence and has been getting worse. There are no speed cameras on the muizenberg side of Prince George drive.

Reckless Driving Bellevue

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-08-22

I was turning out of Kew Street with right of way. The driver of CA 484 922 failed to slow,yield or stop for the stop sign nearly driving into my car.


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