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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Sandown / Malibongwe

Reported: 2016-12-22

This inconsiderate and reckless driver overtook me illegally this morning. He crossed a double solid line, over the yellow middle man straight into oncoming traffic coming around the corner. This is a regular occurrence on this road

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Sunningdale Road

Reported: 2016-09-05

Everyday, these taxis push their way into the waiting traffic & endanger the lives of everyone, as they drive on the oncoming traffics side of the road from Humewood circle to the Sandown/Sunningdale roundabout & other intersections in our area.

Reckless Driving In Link Road, at the traffic lights (waiting to cross over the R27 West Coast Road)

Reported: 2016-02-17

Pushed in front of me at quite a speed at the traffic light - coming within millimetres of an accident. Child was STANDING (!!!) between the seats at the time.