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Reports by Citizens

Reckless Driving - Public Transport N1

Reported: 2013-05-11

On the N1 towards C.T in the Bellville area a taxi minibus engaged in reckless driving, invoving a number of cars. Hooting, weaving, slamming on brakes repeatedly and then slowing right down and driving at a snail pace causing a backlog of traffic.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Rokewood x Blenheim

Reported: 2013-05-06

Traffic backed up in Rokewood ave. Taxi pulled into oncoming lane and passed 15 vehicles waiting in stationary traffic. At 4way stop he hooted and forced his way back into the trafic almost coliding with me and vehicle behind him!

Reckless Driving Broad Road

Reported: 2013-04-30

Driver jumped the long queue of cars waiting on Broad Road to turn right onto R27 towards Table View. Car cut in front of queue over the solid line .

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Potsdam Road going towards Blaauwberg Road

Reported: 2013-04-30

Taxi's using an oncoming lane to avoid traffic - Potsdam road going towards Blaauwberg road

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Botfontein Road

Reported: 2013-04-24

Took this photo on Botfontein Rd, dropping school children @ Bernadino Heights High School, without any Tail Lights, Indicators and also no Stop Lights.

Reckless Driving Goedemoed street

Reported: 2013-04-16

Vehicle jumped stop street at Goedemoed and Suni - (brake lights did not even light). Jumped next stop street at Friesland, but only slowed slightly.

Reckless Driving Cnr Baden Powel and Annandale Road

Stellenbosch Farms
Reported: 2013-03-25

Driver of car turned right from Total Garage right the path of my vehicle. I was coming from Strand Road side and turning left onto Baden Powel drive towards the N2. He should have waited his turn. I hooted and he stopped his car, waving his arms.

Illegal Parking Corner of Blauuwberg Road & Pentz Drive

Reported: 2013-03-20

The driver of the vehicle parked on the pavement, but not only that, right next to a red line. Instead of breaking the traffic rule, the driver decided to park on the pavement and wait instead.

Inconsiderate Driving R27

Reported: 2013-03-20

The driver driving down the myCiti bus lane, not only did the driver not seem at all bothered, he didn't even pull off into the correct lane once safe to do so, he just carried on driving down the bus lane.

Inconsiderate Driving Arum Road

Reported: 2013-03-20

Driver of this car happily parked off/dropping off/using the pavement as an alternative route.