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Reports by Citizens

Inconsiderate Driving Vanguard Drive

Reported: 2014-02-07

On Friday, 7th of February between 8.00 and 8.15 I saw on the road leading into Vanguard Drive a bus with the sign "School Transport", I counted more than 15 children in this vehicle, 3 on the front seat. There might even been more than 20 children.

Reckless Driving Frans Conradie Drive

Reported: 2014-01-10

Cutting in front of other vehicles at Stellenberg Road crossing and at Suikerbossie Street.

Reckless Driving N1

Reported: 2014-01-05

Child standing on the back seat unrestrained while mother drives

Other Klipfontein Road, Rondebosch

Southern Suburbs
Reported: 2013-12-17

Child llying/sleeping in the back window area of the car. Child not secured by a sealbelt or car seat.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport church street

Cape Town
Reported: 2013-12-03

Taxi driving in the wrong direction of a 1 way street (Church Street) from Bree Street, over Loop Street, to Long Street.

Reckless Driving Okavango Road

Reported: 2013-12-02

Driver talking on cellphone whilst driving. Driver overtaking on solid lane at robot intersection, Avalon Estate and overtaking another car on yellow lanes at the next robot.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Brackenfell Boulevard

Reported: 2013-11-30

Taxi driving behind me and not keeping following distance. Swerving across lane to the left and right with oncoming traffic.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport Long Street and Wale Street

Cape Town
Reported: 2013-11-26

A MyCitiBus ran over a red robot with high speed approx 12:35 on 26 Nov - driving in long street, crossing wale street.

Reckless Driving - Public Transport York Street

Reported: 2013-11-23

Taxi's side door was completely open (while moving), he broke several laws while overtaking a truck, on a solid line on a blind rise with oncoming traffic.

Reckless Driving Paarl Rural: N1 Eastern Huguenot Tunnel Approach (Hugos River Viaduct)

Reported: 2013-10-05

Overtaking in "No-Trucks-Overtaking" zone en route uphill from Toll Plaza to the Huguenot Tunnel. Location: Hugos River Viaduct. Habitually committed offence.


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