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Reports by Citizens

Inconsiderate Driving Main Road

Reported: 2016-12-14

Ignoring left hand only turn and swerving in front of cars. Nearly causing accident twice

Illegal Parking Kort Street

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-12-10

illegally parked cars, on yellow lines

Illegal Parking 53 Waaihoek Road

Reported: 2016-12-09

On Saturday, 9 December 2016 a car parked in my driveway - locking our car in the garage. I asked them to remove the vehicle from the driveway. The guy driving refused and wanted to throw out the windows of my house and hitting me

Illegal Parking Hill Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-12-07

This is the second day that this vehicle has parked in the same spot.

Reckless Driving Corner Kommandeur, kommissaris, chavonne streets

Reported: 2016-12-07

Skipped and sped over stop street. Nearly hit my back as i was reversing out of driveway. Remorseless and combative hand signs from perpetrator. My baby in back seat almost victim.

Illegal Parking Hill Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-12-06

This vehicle was illegally parked for more than two hours. I drove around it when I came home at 16:30. When I looked out at 19:00 it was still there, with the driver standing nearby.

Reckless Driving De Lange street

Reported: 2016-12-06

left lane(straight,or left at Durban Rd)and right(straight,or right at Durban Rd).Left is left turn only after crossing.I was in the right lane going straight past SARS. Driver in left lane raced past, cut me off and carried on down str at 80km/h

Inconsiderate Driving Atlantis/N7 onramp

Reported: 2016-12-06

Driver does not want to wait behind two cars and truck to join N7 highway,but rather crosses all yellow and white barrier lines to join N7 before truck and save 200m in process.

Reckless Driving Lanverwacht Road

Cape Town
Reported: 2016-12-04

A woman drove into the back of our vehicle while stopped @ the traffic light! We got out to check & she was very drunk. She refused to get out of her vehicle. She drove off almost causing another accident. swearing @ my husband

Reckless Driving Stellenbosch arterial

Kuils River
Reported: 2016-12-02

This vehicle is supposed to stop and wait for oncoming vehicles to proceed straight across the intersection. This vehicle/Driver turned infront of me, and I had right of way. I swerved, my car was on two wheels, to avoid the collision.